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The Truth is You are Not Broken

Feeling stuck or finding it hard to concentrate? I understand your journey because I've been there myself.

Throughout my life, I grappled with symptoms I couldn't identify, feeling as though I had an insurmountable flaw. Like many, I sought answers for years until I finally discovered that I had ADHD.

The turning point for me was working with an ADHD coach. This experience was so transformative that I became a certified ADHD coach myself.

I believe in your potential to achieve everything you desire in life and business. Together, we can set and reach your goals, develop new strategies, and build confidence, all while embracing who you truly are.

Let's start with a conversation. We'll discuss where you are now and envision a brighter future. From there, we can determine if we're the right fit to work together.

Here's what Snowden said after his ADHD coaching experience with me:

"By the end of my course with Lisa, I found myself more productive and more optimistic about my ability to handle life. Perhaps most surprising, I discovered that I was being kinder to myself, and what's more, it was working."

I'm here to help you take the first steps towards a more productive and joyful life. Don't hesitate to reach out; I'm here to help!

Take the first steps towards your productive and happy life now!

Real Clients. Real Results.

"I am so grateful for your coaching. I've been telling folks about it and living the lessons I've learned from you every day, and I'm so very thankful. I am still holding so dear, weeks since our coaching ended, the new belief and honor in loving myself and honoring my values. I also feel this profound acceptance and joy with the gifts that ADHD brings me - my quickness, positivity, go with the flow, ability to pivot, and boundless creativity. I'm really excited about my future and happily unsure of where I'll be in 6 months - but I know it will be great!"
“I was skeptical about ADHD coaching. After three coaches, I met Lisa. Because she also has ADHD, she gets it. Working with Lisa has given me the confidence and permission to be who I am. I am finally unlocking the potential that has always been there but has been hidden away. Lisa guided me to find my light, and I can only imagine she will do the same for so many others."